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Experience the difference

Our doctors are specialists in treatment of vitamin, mineral and iron deficiency.

Our mission is to provide a professional & honest approach to individual health care

Real medicine talks personally, checks, measures, then treats and measures again.
Best medicine plans an individual long-term treatment and follows up regularly.

You deserve everything best.    


Experienced Doctors

Anestesists, emergency medicine doctors, intensive care experts and more are all confident with this type of individual procedure.


Professional & Friendly Staff

We have chosen the best staff to insure a familiary treatment so that you feel always very welcome.



Follow ups can be done easily and safe from home and abroad. 


Short term appointments

Every week we will find free time slots to help you out and give you the necessary treatment. 


Walk-In's Accepted

On special days we will have some time-slots for spontaneous walk-in treatments.


Transparent fees

Individual treatment is an important investment in your health. You only have one body.

Our Services

We treat individually and this is why we look at the whole person.
We live the future of individual medicine. 


First of all, it is important to be able to get a comprehensive picture of the patient’s medical history.


A physical examination can also reveal other important information.


A sophisticated blood test will finally allow an accurate picture of the personal state of health.
This is the most important basis for the successful optimisation.


Individually tailored treatment by intravenous therapy for replenishment, as well as by means of oral medication and additional nutritional advice, provide the optimum.

Follow up

As reputable doctors, we are interested in long-lasting success and want to see you truly happy and keep you that way.

Long term planning

We don’t want You to feel average. You should be bursting with strength and happiness. Long-term therapy with regular intake of the right nutritional supplements – measured – will make a new person out of you.

Your Health Starts Here

Flexible appointments.

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Best Individual Health Care is Our Mission

Fast appointments are available.

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